Оллада Арлекин

питомник собак породы кане корсо

Видео по дрессировке, нашего воспитанника Оллада Арлекин Гефеста (Папа: Aragon for Ollada Arlekin. Мама: Sakura Ollada Arlekin Santa Hause Feldman)

Ollada Arlekin Breeding Kennel was established in 1996 and was occupied with molossers breeding. The first dogs of the Kennel were German mastiffs and Cane Corsos

Enthusiasm for a new at that time and exotic breed Cane Corso has grown into real passion. It couldn’t be otherwise – Cane Corso is a well muscled and physically strong dog with remarkable intelligence, big heart, honor and bravery peculiar to Roman gladiators except for. 

          A lot of hours were spent at the study of all available and unavailable literature, dedicated to the Cane Corso breed, while the conversations with the leading cynologists and trainers. And the goal was achieved – Ollada Arlekin Breeding Kennel is not a single generation of thoroughbred dogs with good heredity and reference exterior.

The oldest Cane Corso dog of our Kennel is Red Lighthouse Geishe San, ten years old. This dog born from the first brought from Italy dogs laid the foundation of the formation of appearance, character and inheritance of our Kennel’s Cane Corsos. The dogs of Ollada Arlekin Breeding Kennel, which you can see at the exhibitions in Russia and abroad, are the result of many-year selection work of the Kennel owner, cynologist  – Irina Fernandes.

          Nowadays our Kennel is not only qualitative and professional breeding of Cane Corsos, but representation of Russia, carrying out active cooperation with foreign clubs and kennels of this breed. Such cooperation let us to reveal urgent problems of Corso and find optimum solutions for their settlement. 

            Ollada Arlekin Breeding Kennel has friendly relations with many breeders of Italy – Cane Corso’s motherland. It gives us and our clients a lot of additional advantages. On applying to Ollada Arlekin Breeding Kennel, you'll get not just a high-class puppy from the best Italian and Russian representatives of Cane Corso breed, chosen according your wishes, but also all necessary recommendations concerning its care, upbringing, feeding and training. 

               You should also remember about the main components of training and upbringing of a dog – love for Cane Corso, passion of their Italian temper and wish to reach real friendship…

            All this assists to the obtaining of the highest titles and greatest awards at the largest exhibitions of Russia and world by our dogs.

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